Manage 1 Report

Your Manage 1 report looks at stratifying the risk of progressive CKD in your CKD patients.

Why make an improvement?

CKD patients form a classic chronic disease pyramid, with very few cases in any practice at advanced stages, and the vast majority of patients being at stages 3A and 3B. Most patients will remain stable at these lower priority stages, but there will be a number of patients worth monitoring for progression.

How can we make an improvement?

Use the Manage 1 IMPAKT™ report to measure the number of CKD patients you have at risk of progressive CKD – and then use IMPAKT™ to find out who these patients are in order to address their risk.

More information can be found on your Manage 1 IMPAKT™ report in the Improvement Guide which can be downloaded from the menu on the left of the page