Register 1 Report

Your Register 1 report looks at your patients coded with CKD.

Why make an improvement?

By looking at your patients coded with CKD you can ensure that all of the patients on your CKD register have been correctly diagnosed, coded and that the recorded stage is in keeping with latest eGFR evidence for each patient. IMPAKT™ will identify potential inaccuracies and suggest changes. Your Register 1 report will tell you how many queries IMPAKT™ has found on your register so you can plan out how to address this.

In Register 1, IMPAKT™ analyses your coded CKD patients to check that the diagnosis is consistent with NICE CKD guidelines (2008).

How can we make an improvement?

There are three key areas of improvement work that you can do based on the findings in Register 1:

  1. Reviewing patients possibly coded with CKD in error (major coding errors)
  2. Reviewing potentially incorrect CKD staging (minor coding errors)
  3. Reviewing potentially incorrect proteinuria assessments.

More information can be found on your Register 1 IMPAKT™ report in the Improvement Guide which can be downloaded from the menu on the left of the page.