Register 2 Report

Your Register 2 report looks at diagnosing ‘missing’ CKD patients.

Why make an improvement?

It is important to ensure that you identify as many of your practice’s CKD patients as possible. This will help you to provide all your patients with the best care available.

Some of the patients in your practice may have had historic eGFR tests where the result has not been correctly recorded or followed up. Use the Register 2 report to understand your recorded register size compared with your estimated number of CKD patients (based on your age/sex demographic) and you can set your practice a target on how many ‘missing’ patients you think you can identify.

In Register 2, IMPAKT™ is investigating those patients 18 years of age or over on your practice register who do not have CKD listed as a current or active problem. The evidence is presented in three broad categories:

  1. Evidence suggests that the patient can be coded with CKD immediately (high priority)
  2. Some evidence for CKD which needs to be followed-up for confirmation (low priority)
  3. Available evidence suggests that the patient does not have CKD.

How can we make an improvement?

  1. Confirm high priority coding cases identified by IMPAKT™
  2. Follow up low priority cases identified by IMPAKT™

More information can be found on your Register 2 IMPAKT™ report in the Improvement Guide which can be downloaded from the menu on the left of the page