IMPAKT preloved is based in the heart of Bedford, and supports people and communities throughout the county of Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas. Our main focus is the supply of re-usable furniture and domestic appliances, everything from chairs, tables and lounge suites to beds, wardrobes, washing machines and cookers, preventing such items from ending up in landfill needlessly. These items are donated to us direct by the public and via The ReUse Network brokering high street big brand stores donating returned items.

We stock a range of affordable new beds, white goods, and flat-pack furniture to meet increasing demand from our customers. As part of this service, we supply the furniture element of the Borough Council local welfare provision.

Please visit our Facebook to see our current items for sale and follow us for news & updates! If you wish to make a donation please use the form below, to discuss a purchase or LWP voucher please contact us below also. 

We are underpinned in all we do at IMPAKT Preloved by a fabulous team of volunteers, without whom this service would not be possible. We are also in a position help people gain real skills and work experience, enabling many to go on to further employment; in fact, 7 of our current staff members across the IMPAKT retail family started as volunteers.