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There are many ways you can IMPAKT your local community by donating your time to volunteering with us. Due to the wide variety of service and projects we run here at IMPAKT Housing & Support we know, we can find you just the right fit

how you can help

Shop Assistant

Become a sales assistant at our stores, IMPAKT interiors and IMPAKT preloved


Mentor our IMPAKT housing residents


Help out at the IMPAKT Food Community Larder for a few hours a week

Food Collection

Collecting donations for IMPAKT food from our partnering suppliers

Van Crew

Joining our IMPAKT preloved and IMPAKT interiors van crew to help with pickup and deliveries

Stockroom Crew

Join our stockroom crew to help sort donations

Skilled Craftspeople

Sewing, Carpentry, Electrics, any skills that be useful for our recycling and upcycling projects at IMPAKT interiors

what our volunteers say

I currently volunteer 3-4 hours a week to help sort and organise donated food, assemble food parcels, support distribution to those in need and general tidying.

I work full time for a food manufacturer and am passionate about reducing food waste. I have enjoyed seeing first-hand how charities are helping to redistribute food to where it is needed, and working with Impakt has opened my eyes to the genuine need of those who are food insecure in our community. Volunteering through the pandemic has given me an avenue to stay connected with my local community and help support those in need, and these experiences, exposures and connections have been invaluable to me

Volunteering has helped me to gain new skills, meet new people, and make an impakt in my local community. It’s helped me to gain new perspectives different to my own, and do something tangible and hands on as compared to my mostly desk-based job.



In 2017 I was getting excited about the prospect of retiring and thinking of all the things my wife and I were going to be able to do but also what was I going to do with my spare time, we were walking round one of the Bedford high street events and saw the Reuse gazebo went in and spoke to Jane who was the volunteer co-ordinator and one of roles they were looking to fill was PAT testers, I said I would like to volunteer when I finally retired and that’s what I did a year later and have not looked back since. I took the role as PAT tester and found it suited me well as it was a continuation of my previous employment but nowhere near as stressful. I had not volunteered before.

Having retired I suddenly felt without purpose but when I started at Gadsby street I quickly started to realise I did have a purpose and that the people I was working with also had a similar purpose and that is to help people who are less fortunate than us by giving back, over the time I have been volunteering I have made new friends and have chewed the cud with one and all and although I was never very sure of myself I soon found that I did have certain knowledge and skills that I could use to help others.

I would encourage others to volunteer for “Impakt”, I would tell them it is quite rewarding and can be fulfilling in some circumstances just seeing the smile and grateful thanks for just doing something I can.

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